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2 Feet Black, White, Grey Marble Buddha Statues For Home Garden

Hand carved, durable and smooth finish makes marble Buddha sculptures or statues best for every home. With natural colors available in India like white marble, black marble and even grey marble, these 2 feet Buddha idols are preferred to suit every interior. 

Not just that, as they are durable, 2 feet Buddha statues are considered best for garden or outdoor too. So, if you are living in flat and looking for buddha statue for home then 24 inch is perfect size for buddha statue for you. Given below is the best collection of marble buddha idols for you to select for your temple, home, console or even balcony or terrace garden from Stonemart™

Buddha is always associated with peace and that's the reason why most of the people prefer keeping Buddha statue at home. You can't imagine how serene it would be sitting in front of a Meditating Buddha or Abhaya Mudra Buddha and reading a book or just staring the beauty of sculpture. Buddha deity is even preferred for placing in temple as it is believed it brings happiness, prosperity and peace. So, if you are planning to buy Buddha Statue for home online, then browse through the best collection of hand carved 2 feet Marble Buddha statues from Stonemart™ in Black marble, white marble and even grey marble. Select from Abhaya Mudra Buddha statue, Mediatating or Dhyana Mudra statue, Vitarka Mudra, Dharmachakra Mudra and so on. With door delivery option, order Buddha statue for home and garden from Stonemart™ today. To order WhatsApp/ call +91-9413348979 or mail