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The beautiful cosmopolitan city of Chennai is known to carry its own unique style. When it comes to finish their interior and exterior decor needs, the people of Chennai are believed to be very demanding. We at Stonemartare committed are suit the decor needs and aspirations of the people of Chennai since 2009.

Vanakkam Chennai! The city which has indeed always been a class apart when it comes to the selection of style and elegance to decorate homes, offices, and commercial premises. Being native to a coastal city, the people of Chennai always prefer to go for the decorative products that can not only add value to their decor aspirations, but also prove to be weather resistant and waterproof in nature.
Yes, for home decor items in Chennai, it is imperative that the product can deliver longevity in value by successfully enduring the coastal humidity and moisture. Besides, it is also expected that the concerned decorative product is highly resistive to an ample amount of rainfall. Natural stone is widely regarded as the least reactive element when it comes to the coastal atmosphere. That is the reason why, ordering natural stone decor in Chennai is always regarded as the most prudent option to add both style and value to the exterior and interior decor needs.
We at Stonemart India are endorsing the remarkable people of Chennai to match their decor aspirations with world class natural stone products for the last 13 years. Be it the needs related to home decor Chennai, garden decor Chennai, farmhouse decor Chennai, office decor Chennai, or the decor items demanded for specific dwelling areas of residential and commercial importance. These include living rooms, office receptions, villas, balconies, hotels, restaurants, tourist centres, spas, educational institutes, terrace gardens, and meditation centres across the capital. 
Chennai is a confluence of people belonging to different castes, cultures, and standards of living. That is the reason why, it is preferable for us at Stonemart™ to offer a comprehensive range of products to the people of Chennai with different level of price tags, offering value added features without compromising with the quality. Yes, our most classic to the most elite class products are delivered in 100% original natural stone with no impurities whatsoever.
Right from solo statues for interior and exterior decor to a combination of items building an exquisite landscape, the following are the wide range of options that can help you fulfil your need for stone decor Chennai online in a matter of a few clicks!

Buddha Statues:

Whether you are seeking a Buddha statue in Chennai for spiritual or decorative purpose, ordering it from a legitimate source online matters a lot! We offer the widest range of natural stone Buddhas in different postures and different heights. Here, with Stonemart India, you can end your quest for Buddha in dhyana mudra, Sarnath Buddha, Bamiyan Buddhas, bhumisparsha mudra, dharmachakra mudra, abhaya mudra, varada mudra or vitarka mudra to meet your Vaastu expectations as well as exterior and interior decor needs. At Stonemart India, Gautam Buddha statue are readily accessible in 1 feet or 1.5 feet height, as well as ordering Buddha statue 2 feet, 3 feet Buddha statue online, 4 feet Buddha statue online or 5 feet Buddha statue online. One can even get it customised in each shape and size as per the wish. 


The flow of water through an eloquently channelised stone structure, nothing can match its serene tranquillity and an aura of positivity within the environment. The fountains can be used in interiors, gardens, terraces, as well as different other premises of residential and commercial value. Some of the most popular products include Buddha with fountain, lord Ganesh with fountain, urli fountain, diya fountains, panel fountains, ball fountains, designer fountains, mushroom fountains, tabletop fountains, modern art fountain, 2-tier grandessa fountain, 3-tier grandessa fountain, 4-tier grandessa fountain, or the fountains with birdbaths to make it multi-purpose.

Bird Baths:

Nothing can be better than perfectly blending your decor needs with a noble cause of serving the Nature. Arrange rock birdbath, beige carved birdbath, rainbow sandstone birdbath, Mint sandstone birdbath, Kandla Grey sandstone birdbath and birdbath with bird feeder amongst the widest collection online to make your connection with the Mother Nature closer than ever. 

Hindu God Statues:

The stone statues of Hindu Gods have their strength to directly connect the person to Sanatan spirituality as well as to get rid off the vaastu doshas prevailing within the premises. We at Stonemart India can offer the finest collection of Hindu gods statues made from 100% genuine sandstone and marble. These include Ganesh statue, Shiva statue, Natraj statue, Narayan statue, Lakshmi statue, Saraswati statue, etc. along with different other statues that can be custom made on request.


Our stone planters are widely regarded as a stylish and highly durable option in comparison to the conventional planters made from clay, resin, plastic, or ceramic. Visit the wide range of products accessible on our site and see how our sculptors have blended the style and robustness to add value to your needs in a better sense.

Stone Urlis:

The stone urli decor is a welcoming aspect to decorate the living rooms, as well as the welcoming areas of porch near the place of entrance. A designer urli can mesmerise the surroundings in a unique sense, as it can be kept in a small portion of area yet have a ripple effect in a positive sense across the surrounding areas.

Bali Stone Sculptures:

The secret of a healthy lifestyle is much dependent on our command and practise of the different asanas of yoga. Whether you are practising yoga indoors in meditation room or outdoors in your porch or garden, nothing can better the presence of Balinese stone statue depicting different postures or mudras of the ancient science of fitness and rejuvenation. 

Landscaping Pebbles:

Admiring the landscape of your home and office does require you to showcase the creativity of the next level. Ordering stone pebbles suiting your exterior and interior decor needs from Stonemart India can make the area extremely attractive and colourful with the natural stones of different shapes and sizes.

Water Landscaping Features:

Is the dream of having your own waterfall far from reality? Well, at Stonemart India we are committed to accentuate your landscape aspirations to the whole new level! Behold the most sophisticated collection of natural stone water landscaping art from our dedicated page online.

Stone Gazebos:

How would you imagine sipping a cup of hot coffee with your beloved one while sitting on your garden or porch in a drizzling Chennai evening? Well, sitting under a spacious gazebo in the above situation can certainly feel like heaven. Choose best in class gazebo artwork only at Stonemart India and do justice to the spacious area available at your exterior compound.

Wall Stones and Panels:

The finest range of murals carved out of natural stone artwork as well as a premium collection of stone wall decor for the interiors and exteriors of the house. Just get in touch with our representative online and see the range of options ready with us to offer. 


Our natural signage stone would redefine the integral value of your landmark. Just share your thoughts with our representative and get the custom-made natural stone signage delivered to your address now.

Also, don’t forget to navigate through our exquisite range of products coming under the natural stone pathways, stone benches, stone lamps, and palisades to get decor search results online beyond imagination.

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The following characteristics of our services make ordering stone decor Chennai online one the most prudent moves ever -
Chennai is one of the most popular cosmopolitan cities known to be the melting pot of ancient heritage and modern decor arts. The people of Chennai are known for cherishing the best-in-class natural stone decor products with optimum utility and value. Whether you are exploring the most conspicuous sandstone decor in Chennai or marble decor in Chennai online, your all expectations and aspirations for both classic and elite decor products indeed end at Stonemart™.