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3 Feet Black, White Marble Buddha Statues for Home, Garden, Resort, Farmhouse, Hotel

Order big Buddha Statues for your home and garden from Stonemart™. Available in 3 feet to order, these marble sculptures of Buddha are available in white marble, black marble and grey marble. The best part of large garden buddha statues of Buddha is that they are not just durable, peaceful as well. 

It is believed to get a positive flow of energy by placing Buddha statue. May be that's the reason why most of the home owners plan a suitable place for placement of Buddha while planning their new home. Either you need Abhaya Mudra Buddha Statue for placing at the entrance or Bhumisparsha or Dhyana Mudra, you can easily get the one that suits you the best. Browse here with the best collection of 3 feet Black Buddha Statue, While marble Buddha statue and grey marble Buddha sculpture to make your home or garden the most serene place to live. 

Buy large 3 feet Marble Buddha Statue online in India by ordering at Stonemart™. With ready in stock, here you can expect the best collection of white, black and grey marble Buddha statues in 3 feet to beautify your home and garden. Buddha sculpture is even considered good as per vastu and there are different positions of Buddha available depending on your requirement. For instance, you may opt for big 3 feet Abhaya Mudra Buddha Statue, Buddha statue in meditating posture or Dhyana Mudra, Anjali Mudra, Bhumisparsha Posture, Dharmachakra mudra, vitarka mudra and so on. So, what are you waiting for? Select the most beautiful marble buddha statues online in India and order instantly to get them delivered to your doorstep in India. To order WhatsApp/ Call +91-9413348979 or mail