Stone Mart

Stone Birdbath for your garden, balcony, terrace garden, farmhouse, resort

Beautiful morning with birds chirping and playing in water. Even the feeling is so soothing that you can't stop yourself from looking for perfect birdbath for you. With Stonemart™ manufacturing and delivering stone birdbath of almost all sizes to your doorstep not just in India rather exporting them worldwide, getting the one for your beatiful outdoor garden, small balcony or terrace garden is no more a hassle. 

Yes, being an export organization we manufacture birdbath as per International standards thereby maintaining exact depth ( good enough to allow birds to sit without fear of being drowned) from centre to edge. Additionally, all are 100% stable, durable and out of various stones like granite, rainbow sandstone, pink sandstone, beige sandstone, mint sandtone etc. Not just that, very popular in UK and now in India also, you can expect natural rock birdbath chieseled out of natural rocks to give a class to your beautiful garden. you can have small 10 inch bow birdbath to 26 inch diameter huge birdbath depending upon your requirement. Not just that, we offer even water pump and small stone mechanism with every birdbath to let you enjoy birdbath and fountain altogether. The sound of water attracts birds and even prevent water to remain still and develop insects or mosquitoes. So, be it pedestal birdbath, birdbath with plinth or birdbath with beautiful carving, all types are available at Stonemart™.

Any garden or balcony is incomplete if there are no visitors in the form of birds there. Birds chirping and seeing them playing in water is something that is indeed a stress reliever. With Summers getting hotter due to global warming, its indeed a great move to let birds enjoy bathing in bird bath provided by you. Birdbath offered at Stonemart™ are not just beautiful, perfect for birds to quench their thirst and allow them take a dip. Order stone birdbath online in India from the birdbath manufacturer and get them delivered to your doorstep. Shop now. To order or to inquire whatsapp +91-9413348979 or mail