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Lakshmi Narayan Statues

Welcome together the divine pair of Laxmi Narayan murti and worship them to invite positivity, prosperity, wealth, compassion, peace, faith and safeguarding you from negative energies.

100% pure natural stone sculptures of Lakshmi Narayana with goddess Lakshmi sitting on her iconic padmasana lotus base. God Vishnu is standing with seven hooded Ananta Shesha above the head and Garuda sitting and worshiping the lord at his feet. Just behold and admire the awe-inspiring skills with which the crown, ornaments and dress of Goddess Lakshmi have been flawlessly carved. Equally exceptional skills have been showcased while bringing into life the physical characteristics of Shri Hari Vishnu, including shanka, padma, Sudarshan chakra and Kaumodaki mace.

Order these divine statues of Lakshmi Narayan and place them in your puja room, living room, home entrances, garden, office premises, factories, temple, farmhouse, resort, hotel, academic and research institutions, hospitals, rehabilitation center, and different types of commercial establishments. No need for any civil work at the time of placement and their free of impurities stone composition bestows with tremendous Vastu and spiritual benefits. Shop now to get your ordered package dispatched and delivered at your doorstep in committed shipment time. The packaging of the statues is done with professional bubble wraps and 1 inch thick foam sheets and external wooden box to enable you experience domestic packaging with international standards. The loading and unloading of the package is only handled by the professionals and there will be written instructions about how to handle the delivery package and how to open the same.