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Lord Shiv Statues

Om Namo Bhagavate Rudray... the divinity and blessings of lord Shiva is ready to arrive at your door for installation and welcome luck, prosperity and protection from bad omen and untimely death. 

Order lord Shiva in white marble, Shiva statue in sandstone, Nataraja statue or black marble Shiva Linga form with Shiv Parivar for daily ritualistic worship both indoor and outdoor. You can also shop for Shiva statue with Nandi in temple or Shiva Lingam with Nandi in temple and place it preferably facing north. Due to sanctity and divinity of any Hindu God statue, never place the stone idol of Bhagwan Shankar adjacent to (or near) the bathroom, lavatory or laundry room. 

Whether you like meditating Shiva statue or four-armed Shiva statue in dhyan mudra, Stonemart™ brings into life the most acclaimed hand carved masterpieces through the most revered in-house stone artisans. Place your desired Mahadev statue with temple in living room, hall, entrances, puja room, garden, office premises, temple, resort, clubs, farmhouse, Yoga and meditation centers, real estate societies, academic and research institutions, hotel, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and different forms of commercial establishments once arrive. Shop today and get the dispatched package delivered at your doorstep and experience domestic packaging with international standards.