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Buy Large Garden Buddha Sculpture, Statue 4 feet in White, Black Marble

Looking for large Garden Buddha Sculpture, Statue for your beautiful home? Browse through the best collection of 48 inch, 4 feet Sitting Buddha statues for home, garden, farmhouse, resort or hotel carved beautifully out of marble. 

Depending upon your choice, you can order online big Buddha Statue out of White marble, Black Marble and even grey marble. Just like other sculptures, these statues are carved out of marble available in and around the best mines of Rajasthan. The best part with marble available in Rajasthan is that its highly durable and considered perfect for both outdoor and indoor (a good example is Taj Mahal built in the year 1632 ago out of marble found in and around Rajasthan and is still counted among the Wonders). Moreover, all statues are carved by skilled murtikars ( shilpkars) of Stonemart™ with years of experience and their intricate work is well displayed on all statues displayed at our website. 

Large Marble Buddha Idols are available in all positions or postures like Abhaya Mudra, Vitarka Mudra, Bhumisparsha posture, Meditating Buddha or Dhyana Mudra, Anjali Mudra, Dharmachakra Mudra and so on. As mentioned above also, all statues are durable to last for ages not years and considered perfect for outdoors, irrespective of extreme climatic conditions. So, if you wish to buy in India the best marble sculptures out of marble, then select from the statues available in 4 feet at Stonemart™. To order or to inquire further call/WhatsApp +91-9413348979 or mail