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Nandi Statues

The mount of Bhole Baba...the symbol of faith, devotion and vitality. Bringing home the stone sculpture of Nandi Maharaj is your first step towards getting eternally showered with the blessings of Bhagwan Shankar.

The presence of Nandi statue would also bridge the gap you and lord Shiva. The presence of the stone statue of Nandi for home would symbolizes purity and justice and meant to bring fortune, luck, royal power and divine knowledge. The blessings of Nandi Ji Maharaj is also known to promote fertility in the bearer. The full body of the sitting Nandi statue has been ornate with articulated robe and bells with the designs inspired from the stone masonry of Chola and Vijayanagara Era.

Bring home stone statues of Nandi Maharaj in black and white marble and place them in from of stone Shiva Linga or natural stone Shiva statue for daily worship inside stone temple. Placement in living room, puja room, garden, office premises, resort, farmhouse, temple, hospitals, real estate societies, rehabilitation center, hotel, academic and research institutions, and different kinds of commercial establishments. Place this idol of Nandi Bull in the South-West area of your property if you would like to get the blessings from your ancestors and forefathers. It is strongly suggested not to place it near or adjacent to lavatory, bathroom, laundry room. As it is deemed disrespectful to the deity. Place the sculpture directly once you receive the shipment of Nandi statue at your doorstep from Stonemart™.