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From modest commoners to millionaires with an extravagant lifestyle, Mumbai is a city that has everything to offer. Since 2009, we at Stonemart India are committed to offer everything that our Mumbaikars rightly deserve!
‘The city of dreams’, ‘the entertainment capital of India’, or ‘the economic hub of India’, there are numerous monikers by which the metropolitan city of Mumbai is entitled with. The city is extremely popular throughout the world and widely regarded as the melting pot of ethnicities, cultures and languages of people arriving from not only other parts of India, but other parts of the world.

The city of Mumbai is presently functioning the role as a centre for commercial, fashion and entertainment industries in the South-Asian giant. A powerhouse of economy and the wealthiest city, it dwells the highest number of billionaires and millionaires in the country. The residents of the city are not only involved in intense economic activities but regarded as avid lovers of art and culture. 
One can visit popular tourist destinations like Chhatrapati Shivaji Vaastu Sangrahalaya and Jahangir Art Gallery to witness the art and culture that once thrived in the region. People can realise their worth through the paintings and statues and other forms of sculptures present in the premises. When it comes to the contribution of natural stone structures in the history of this city, then also we can consider it to be truly blessed. The historic artwork and carvings can be observed in the iconic monuments of the city like the Gateway of India and Taj Mahal Hotel. Not to mention, the three UNESCO World Heritage Sites that are an integral part of this city- be it Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (formerly known as VT Station), the Elephanta Caves or an ensemble of Victorian and Art Deco buildings spread across the city.

The historic heritage of the city is clearly reflected in the stone decor choices of the Mumbaikars. The natural stone decor items made from sandstone and marble is extremely popular and in high demand amongst the residents of the city. We at Stonemart™ India can feel proud of the fact that we have constantly fulfilled the stone decor aspirations of the great people of this great city for the last 13 years. Be it the needs related to natural stone statues, fountains and birdbaths, garden decor accessories, or walling stones and panels in exterior and interior home decor.

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While exploring the premium class of products on our site, you would witness that there is indeed no other online natural stone decor site anywhere else. We offer a widespread collection of exclusive decor products. We promote the unique kind of decor items that we offer to our existing and potential clientele within the financial capital of India. Some of the best range of classic and elite products that one can explore with us right here are -
The standard heights and sizes would easily range from 5 feet Buddha statue online, 4 feet Buddha statue online, 3 feet Buddha statue online, Buddha statue 2 feet, as well as in 2.5 feet or 1 feet length. Even small Buddha statue online is accessible with lengths in centimetres. Do you have different sets of measurements in mind? Get it customised as per your requirements by informing our service representatives now.

We at Stonemart™ India bring you a prolific collection of natural stone Hindu gods, including Ganesh statue, Lakshmi statue, Shiva statue, Nataraj statue, Saraswati statue, or Narayan statue. Get your confirmation of order for 100% authentic products fulfilled at very cheap prices online now.

We can offer the world class range of natural stone birdbaths Mumbai online. These incorporate some of the best ranges in rock birdbath, rainbow sandstone birdbath, beige carved birdbath, Kandla Grey sandstone birdbath, Mint sandstone birdbath, or bird feeder. So, confirm your order now and ensure your garden, terrace, balcony, or backyard to be a paradise for delicate, tiny, feathered guests of the Nature. 

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Since the inception of our manufacturing and services in 2009, we have created a goodwill to become the leading supplier of natural stone decor products in Mumbai year by year. The following are some of the major features that played their part as the cornerstones of our incredibly successful journey in the financial capital of India-
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