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Order Stone Buddha Statues in mint, beige, pink, teak, brown sandstone.

Wish to add serene look and feel to your home, there's no better option than adding a beautiful stone buddha sculpture or statue that is carved by hands of murtikars having years of experience. At Stonemart™, you get the best collection of sandstone statues that are perfect for outdoor garden and indoor alike.

Available in all sandstone from Rajasthan that are known worldwide for durability like mint sandstone, beige sandstone, teak sandstone and pink ( Bansi Pahadpur) sandstone, these stones are tested for outdoors and could last for ages not years. It is because of this reason, the famous temple of Ayodhya is constructed out of the sandstone available in Rajasthan as they are known for their durability. Stonemart™ combines the expertise of murtikars who have been carving Buddha statues from generations and durable stones available in and across the belt of Aravali to get you the Buddha deity that you can pass on to your generations. Below is the exclusive collection of stone Buddha statues in almost all postures or Mudra and in all sizes like Abhaya Mudra, Dhyana or meditating mudra, Dharmachakra Mudra, Bhumisparsha Mudra, Anjali Mudra, Vitarka Mudra etc in 2 feet, 3 feet, 4 feet, 5 feet, 6 feet and so on. You can expect sitting Buddha statue or standing or something with intricate carving like Lifecycle Buddha and Sarnath Buddha sculpture to glorify your beautiful home or garden. Even the collection is so serene, adding a one to your resort, farmhouse or hotel is sure to have all eyes on it. 

Looking for big or small Buddha statue carved by hands using hammer and chiesel? Then Stonemart™ has the most exclusive collection of large sitting Buddha statues awaiting for your eyes on it. All available stone Buddha sculptures can be ordered to reach within 7 days after dispatch across India. Moreover, since Stonemart™ is an export organization, it is possible to order from any part of the world with LCL option. So, either you wish to add sculpture of Buddha as per Vastu or just to add a great affect to your home or to create a Zen Garden, the best statues are mere click away from you. Should you have further queries or you wish to request quote, WhatsApp +91-9413348979 or mail