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Other Sizes Marble Buddha Statues

Shop for the most aspiring dream luxury Buddha statue collection for home and garden décor and Vastu only at Stonemart™. Buy 100% pure marble Buddha idols that reflect your class and social standing.

Stonemart™ welcomes you to explore an international series of Buddha sculpture collection online and buy small Buddha sculptures, medium size Buddha sculptures and large Buddha sculptures as per choice and convenience. Order 6 feet Buddha sculpture, 4 feet Buddha sculpture, 3.5 feet Buddha sculpture, 3 feet Buddha sculpture, 2.5 feet Buddha sculpture, 2 feet Buddha sculpture, or 1.5 feet Buddha sculpture. Get the doorstep delivery of the given order within 7 days to any part of India. We are also into international export of Stonemart™ products. Experience domestic packaging and shipment of the order with international standards. You can buy black marble Buddha idol or buy white marble Buddha idol as per the objective and availability of space at the chosen spot for installation. 

You can place the order to buy Buddha statues in abhaya mudra, Buddha statues in vitarka mudra, Buddha statues in dhyana mudra, Buddha statues in dharmachakra mudra, Buddha statues in bhumisparsha mudra, Buddha statues in reclining mudra, Buddha statues in thinking mudra, Buddha statues in anjali mudra, Bamiyan Buddha statues as few to mention. Apart from exclusive homes and gardens, you can order to place them in various kinds of commercial establishments like resorts, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, academic and research institutions, offices, rehabilitation centers, meditation centers, Yoga centers and different forms of religious and cultural centers.