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The culture of Nizams has always inspired the Hyderabadi residents to always foster the ambitions for Nawabi lifestyle. We at Stonemart offer a limited range of classic and luxury natural stone decor items to make your living space larger than life at the cheapest investment possible.
There are numerous reasons due to which the city of Hyderabad is distinguished as a confluence of art and culture. The city is widely adorned by the idioms like ‘the city of Nizams’ or ‘the city of pearls’. The residents of the city are often referred to as Hyderabadis. The city was founded in the year 1591 AD on the banks of river Musi by Sultan Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah.
This Indian city is currently serving as the capital of two states in the country, known to be Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Hyderabad is a city featuring a plethora of historical monuments including Golconda fort, Quli Qutb tombs, and Charminar. Yes, when it comes to the culture, then Hyderabad has a lot more to offer than Biryani. The distinctive culture of the town shall remain incomplete in terms of mentioning without the presence of medieval architectural heritage.

Hyderabadis are known for their love and passion about architectural style and design. The same can be reflected on the choice of stylised and intrinsically carved decor items ordered online for both interior and exterior. We at Stonemart™ understand the fact because we are the no. 1 natural stone decor supplier in Hyderabad for the last 13 years. Let us learn about some of the prominent range of stone decor products online at Stonemart™ that can help you make smarter and unique choices. Thereafter, you can reach onto the conclusion of confirming the order on your own.

Popular Range of Decor Products to Order in Hyderabad Right Under One Roof

We offer stylish, traditional as well as customised products to make your decor needs fulfilled to perfection. Let us have a glance over the wide range of natural stone products readily accessible to the most demanding clients in Hyderabad in just a matter of a click -

Buddha Stone Statues:

Welcome to the widest and the most exquisite range of sitting and standing statues of Buddha, Buddha statue with fountain, black and white marble Buddhas as well as the Buddha statues featuring diverse mudras and heights. Irrespective of the fact, whether you are looking for life-cycle Buddha, Sarnath Buddha, Bamiyan Buddhas, Buddha in dhyana mudra, Buddha statue in bhumisparsha mudra, Buddha statue in abhaya mudra, dharmachakra mudra, vitarka mudra, varada mudra, thinking Buddha or reclining Buddha to meet your home, office, commercial space, or garden decor needs.
Conventionally we offer small Buddha statues in centimetres to Buddha statue of 1 foot or 1.5 feet high. Clients seeking big Buddha statues can start their selection from Gautam Buddha statue 5 feet, 4 feet Buddha statue online, 3 feet Buddha statue online, Buddha statue 2 feet or get the height and features customised as per the requirements.

Natural Stone Fountains:

Witness the widest range of fountain decor products suiting all your exterior and interior decor needs in one way or the other. We offer Buddha fountains, ball fountains, diya fountains, designer fountains, modern art fountains, tabletop fountains as well as the fountains with birdbaths that can be kept on the terrace, garden or backyard. Besides, there is an exquisite range of 4 tier grandessa fountains, 3 tier grandessa fountains, and 2 tier grandessa fountains. All our fountain models come with algae resistant surfaces, quality submersible pump and easy to install features processes.

Natural Stone Bird Baths:

In a busy chaotic city like Hyderabad, reconnecting with nature has never been this easy. Transform the cacophony of the city into the chirping of beautiful, tiny-feathered guests by installing stone birdbath for garden, backyard, and terrace. Birdbaths are accessible online in different varieties including crass natural rock style, birdbaths with designer fountains, and not to mention, birdbath with bird feeder online

Natural Stone Hindu God Statues:

People in Hyderabad always demand natural stone Hindu God statue to achieve their spiritual quest as well as to remove the vaastu doshas from the premises. Here, what is critical is to note that whether one is ordering Hindu god statue for spiritual need or vaastu need, it is recommended to only go with the statues that is cast from one component and free of impurities. That is where 100% natural stone god statues online offered at Stonemart™ can serve the purpose. Some of the most popular statues made from marble and sandstone, including Ganesh statue, Saraswati statue, Lakshmi statue, Shiva statue, Nataraj statue, Narayan statue, etc. are offered in different conceptual styles. 

Natural Stone Planters:

There are designer concepts available in various forms of stone planters. Some of these include indoor boulder planters, rock planters, pot shaped planters, pebble planters, boat planters, as well as diverse forms of teak sandstone planters with a designer approach. Ordering planters from Stonemart™ would address your environmental concerns along with both interior and exterior decor needs. 

Natural Stone Urlis:

It is indeed one of the stylish and elegant products to achieve your internal and external decor ambitions. You can place them on the floor level as well as tabletop and fill them with flower filled with crystal-clear water. A flabbergasting sight for both residents and guests who occasionally take their decor standards to a whole new level. 


Bali Stone Sculptures:

Our sublime Balinese stone sculptures are immensely popular amongst the Hyderabadi residents. Apart from being a distinguished product for decor, they are a powerful medium of correct Yoga practises. Bali stone statues are depicted in different iconic Yoga postures to inspire a countless number of residents within the city to passionately adopt a culture of health and fitness.

Natural Landscaping Pebbles:

Behold the fascinating collection of colourless and coloured pebbles in the exterior paving, sidewalks and pathways that bestows a unique look to your garden, porch, and verandah. Besides, stone pebbles online can also be ordered at Stonemart™ to make transparent vases and other interior areas more glittering and colourful. 

Water Landscaping Features:

How about having your own mini waterfall in the properties that you live or frequently visit? Right from single monolith water landscaping feature to multi-layer water landscaping features, the rhythmic sound and view of the moving water can captivate any living soul.   

Natural Stone Gazebos:

Hyderabad is known for iconic royal Chatteris or gazebos. We at Stonemart™ are ready to offer you a golden opportunity to relive the royal era at your own house. The stone gazebos at Stonemart™ are made from exceptional quality natural stone material to ensure enduring quality and artistic style in one go. It is undoubtedly a perfect addition to the backyard, garden, porch, or park of proper size.

Wall Stones and Panels:

Grace your interior and exterior walls with natural stone panels carrying extensively carved murals. Our decorative stone wall panels feature various forms of Hindu god panels, Buddha wall panels, as well as modern art and designer panels to help you achieve smart decor without utilising much space. 

Natural Stone Signage:

A royal look to your premises would remain incomplete without the presence of a remarkable signage in front. We at Stonemart™ offer both classic and elite collection of signage carved out of natural stone. We supply stone signage to different types of houses, farmhouses, organizations, schools, colleges, institutions, restaurants, spas, hotels, NGOs, etc. in Hyderabad to make their presence among the masses distinguished and larger than life.
In addition to the different range of products listed above, we also offer stone boulders, stone benches, stone circles, pathways, palisades, and stone lamps to different parts of Hyderabad. Get in touch with our support representative and get your order booked from any part of the city. 

How the Exquisite Decor Collection of Stonemart is Influencing the Hyderabadi Decor Style Since 2009?

We have fostered a culture of sublime quality, time-sensitive services and cheap prices that ultimately helped us to become the leading natural stone decor service provider in Hyderabad. The following are some of our collective features that has ensured our presence light years ahead than our competitors -

Our products and services represent a proven and trusted brand that has resulted in a distinguished clientele not only in India but across the globe. So, if you are a resident of Hyderabad and looking for a brand that can fulfil your designer stone decor dreams in all sense, then it is the time to enquire for our representative now.