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Goddess Lakshmi Statues

The goddess of wealth, prestige and prosperity...hand carved into natural stone sculptures as pure as the divinity and blessings of Devi Lakshmi herself.

One of the masterpieces brought into life by the most gifted sculptors of Stonemart™, you can feel the caliber of our artisans on each and every inch of divine murtis. The word 'Lakshmi' is derived from the Sanskrit term Laksme, denoting "Wealth". Behold and admire the divine halo, crown, facial expressions, four arms, ornaments, and the other physical features that are going to withstand the test of time and help you cherish the spirituality for the ages to come. Always keep the Mahalaxmi idol on a neat and elevated spot facing north or north-east direction. It is suggested to light a diya (lamp) of pure ghee during the evening hours to honor her and get her blessings for prosperity and affluence, both materialistic and religious.

The natural stone statue of Devi Lakshmi can be installed and worshiped in the puja room, living room, home entrances, garden, office premises, factories, banks, near vaults, resort, farmhouse, temple, hotel, academic and research institutions, hospital and various kinds of commercial establishments. We recommend you to place Shri Laxmi statue at an elevated height without getting involved in any form of civil work. If you are in requirement of a natural stone pedestal, then you can always place the order for one from Stonemart™. We strongly advise against the placement of any Hindu God or Goddess statue (including this one) near bathroom, laundry room or lavatory. Shop today and get the dispatched package delivered at your doorstep. Get the feel of domestic packaging in India with international standards.