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Natural Stone Decor to Perfectly Blend with the Goan Architectural Legacy

The rich architectural heritage of Goa can only be vindicated by the stone artwork featuring exceptional reputation. Join the family of thousands of happy and satisfied customers in Goa with the finest range of decor collection only at Stonemart.
Goa is renowned to be one of India’s top holiday destinations. Whether you are planning for a casual walk across enchanting and serene beaches, grab some cheap booze or a kayaking trip to the backwaters of Mandovi, Zuari or Sal, Goa has something for every paradise seeker. Titled as the “Pearl of the Orient” in India, the state is situated on the western coast of the nation along the coastal belt known as Konkan.
Most of the people are not aware of the fact that apart from its ethereal natural beauty and night studded sky, the Indian state is also known for its rich architectural heritage. The residents of the state are extremely fond of architecturally rich natural stone statues, wall stones and paving stones to bestow a posher appearance to their dwelling. When it comes to the architectural enhancement of the surroundings, the original natural stone products online are known to offer the most trustworthy solution instead of the decor items made from substandard materials full of impurities.
At Stonemart™, we have accomplished the company of a remarkable Goan clientele because we have consistently delivered the best in business products for the last 13 years. Our extensive range of natural stone products are made from naturally excavated blocks of sandstone and marble from 100% genuinely licensed mines in India. As the product is carved out of natural, waterproof and highly weather resistant stone surface, it can acclimate to both hot and humid as well as tropical monsoon climate witnessed in Goa. Our high range quality products do make sure that whatever you order from our site, it matches your benchmark of trust and longevity, without deteriorating for multiple years to come. 

What Goans can Expect from an Exclusive Range of Products Offered at Stonemart™?

When you look at the range of products offered at our site, then you would find that there is no other natural stone decor site anywhere else online offering such a widespread range of exclusive products. We encourage you to look at the type of products that we offer to our current and potential clientele in the state. Some of the finest range of products that you can explore with us here are -

Buddha Stone Statues:

The natural stone statues of Buddha online are highly popular amongst Goans. Apart from achieving their decor aspirations, the statues are widely used in meditative centres and spas filled with domestic and foreign tourists. Accessible in various heights and sizes, our natural stone Buddha products online are delivered in Goa in the form of Buddha life-cycle statues, Sarnath Buddha, Bamiyan Buddhas, bhumisparsha mudra statue, dhyana mudra statue, abhaya mudra statue, dharmachakra mudra statue, vitarka mudra statue, varada mudra statue, etc. to achieve your decor, meditative, and Vaastu needs.
The most common heights and sizes would range from 5 feet high Buddha statue online, 4 feet high Buddha statue online, 3 feet high Buddha statue online, Buddha statue 2 feet high, and even in 1 foot or 1.5 feet height. Are you having another set of priorities when it comes to Buddha statue shape and size? Get your order personally customised as per the given set of requirements now. 

Stone Fountains:

In a naturally humid and coastal atmosphere of Goa, it is essential to maintain the room temperature and PH value of the moisture in the air. The installation of natural stone fountains in rooms, terraces, verandahs and gardens could have a positive impact on both physical and mental level. An effective channelisation of water can always be ensured through an urli fountain, Ganesh statue with fountain, Buddha fountains, diya fountains, designer fountains, ball fountains, panel fountains, modern art fountain, mushroom fountains, tabletop fountains, 2-tier grandessa fountain, 3-tier grandessa fountain, 4-tier grandessa fountain, and even dual use fountains with birdbaths to add more value to your online order.  

Hindu God Stone Statues:

The statues of Hindu Gods could be associated with your spiritual atonement or imparting positivity as per the Vaastu needs. Witness a profound collection of Hindu gods in natural stone, including Shiva statue, Nataraj statue, Ganesh statue, Narayan statue, Lakshmi statue, or Saraswati statue. Get your order for 100% original products be confirmed at the cheapest prices online.

Stone Bird Baths:

Goa is renowned for having its own share of species, including some of the widely popular birds. Inviting them to your backyard in Goa can be your prerogative with an exceptional class of natural stone birdbaths online. These include some of the finest ranges in rock birdbath, beige carved birdbath, rainbow sandstone birdbath, Mint sandstone birdbath, Kandla Grey sandstone birdbath, and bird feeder. Order now to make your garden, balcony, terrace, or backyard a paradise for the tiny, feathered guests of Nature. 

Natural Stone Planters:

Our simple yet lavishing products in the form of planters could bring you even closer to the Nature in this beautiful Indian tourist destination. Our planters are accessible in different shapes and sizes along with both conventional and modern designs.  

Natural Stone Urlis:

You can find our designer stone urlis highly famous amongst the decor orders online in Goa that we generally receive at Stonemart™. Get benefited by the finest deals online with urli fountain for home and garden, rock urli, stone urli, rainbow sandstone urli, birdbath urli, mint sandstone urli, beige carved urli, Kandla Grey sandstone urli, etc.

Bali Stone Sculptures:

Ordering Bali sculptures online is one of the best and smartest ways to get attracted to a perfect regimen of meditative health and fitness. The stone sculptures carved out of 100% genuine natural Balinese stones are transformed by our gifted sculptors into the finished products featuring the most iconic yoga poses.

Pebble Landscaping:

Landscaping of the pavements and sidewalks with standard and colourful stone pebbles is ordered from Stonemart™ to perfectly match the natural landscapes of Goa. Get in touch with our representative now and find your perfect match for both interior and exterior decor needs. 

Water Landscaping Features:

We offer our clients extremely unique and innovative decor ideas when it comes to the installation of natural water landscaping features. Our water landscaping projects can be selected out of the featured models online as well as to be customised on a special request.

Stone Gazebos:

The right kind of natural stone gazebo you choose eventually happen to decide what kind of vintage or royal look your lawn or backyard is about to achieve. Feel the grandeur of paradise with the installation of your favourite and exclusive, larger than life gazebo model only at Stonemart™!

Wall Stones and Panels:

When it comes to our decor aspirations, our walls are something that are believed to speak for themselves. Make your exterior and interior wall decor a shining example of modern architecture. Don’t forget to cast your eyes upon the stone wall panels with enchanting murals to make your place the most lavishing decor destination with a very relevant form of investment.

Stone Signage:

Whether we are speaking in terms of your house, office, or any other centre for commercial or non-commercial activity in Goa, no one can deny the fact that it rightly deserves a branded landmark of its own. Why not flabbergast each visitor with a perfect signage stone in front of your premises? Glance through the most unique collection of natural stone signage online and justify your legacy with perfect form of branding.
Also, do not forget to have a peek through an exquisite collection of stone circles, pathways, palisades, stone lamps, stone benches, etc. and make your Goan shopping spree a grand success.

The Reasons that Make Our Natural Stone Decor Products a Hot Favourite to Every Goan?

Some of the distinctive features of our services due to which our brand is a premier choice for the resident of Goa for the last 13 years are as follows -
Goa is a state that is fond of architectural achievements since the time of Portuguese. At Stonemart™, we fully understand the artistic natural stone decor aspirations of our Goan clients to perfection. Confirm your order and get your natural stone decor Goa ambitions realised by the most trusted natural stone decor brand online now.