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Monolith With 3 Cm Hole

CODE NO.: 6531

Stone monolith with 3 cm hole at the top that appears like a slit. It can be used as a standalone product or near a fountain to let the water pass through its surface. Its natural black texture makes its visibility felt irrespective of the fact whether being placed in garden, yard or porch. The black texture offers the monolith a better contrast with respect to its surroundings. 

No use of stock images is ever done on our website. We only display what we manufacture and sell. A stupendous choice for exclusive homes, bungalows, mansions, luxury villas, farmhouses, gardens, lawns, real estate societies, yards, clubs, resorts, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, rehab centres, as well as commercial properties with planned architecture. You can install it directly without wasting time and effort with unnecessary civil work.

Let's have a look at features of these hand carved exclusive stone monoliths:

1. Placement : Home, bungalows, gardens, lawns, public parks, theme parks, luxury villas, farmhouses, office outdoor premises, clubs, hotels, real estate societies, restaurants, resorts, hospitals, academic institutions, rehabilitation centers, as well as commercial properties with planned architecture. 
2. Material : Stone monolith  
3. Dimension :  (l*b*h) 
4. Height : 
5. Weight : 
6. Durable : Made from natural stone treasured in the core of the Earth, difficult to fall or break due to their sheer natural stone quality, weight and size.
7. Maintenance : Requires no maintenance, just basic dusting and cleaning with water.
8. Installation : All stone monoliths online from Stonemart™ including this come with direct installation and can be placed directly once the shipment arrives.  
9. Packaging : Packed in a wooden pallet or crate with perfect packing accompanied with thick 1 inch foam sheet and bubble wrap.
10. Delivery : (ONLY IF IN STOCK) Within 7 days after dispatch (across India) and export depending on the country (LCL delivery).
11. In Stock : Yes. 

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