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Sold To Bangalore, Karnataka Marble Buddha Waterfall With Halo In 3 Feet

CODE NO.: 7180


Exclusive Spiritual White  Marble Buddha Fountain With Halo for your beautiful home and garden from Stonemart™.
Placing Buddha Statue is considered not just spiritual rather it is believed to bring positivity, happiness and remove various issues of Vastu. Yes, usually people prefer keeping Buddha Statue not just for decoration purpose, rather to feel positive by watching serene Buddha everyday at their place. That's the reason why it is believed, you cannot buy Buddha rather it depends on Buddha when he decides to enter your life. This serene Buddha fountain gives you a feel of not just a beautiful deity at your place rather brings life in your home with the soothing water sound as if you are sitting peacefully and hearing the waves of ocean. Let's have a look at this exclusive Buddha Fountain with Halo: 
1. Durability : Buddha Fountain is out of  single block of white marble and hence it is so durable that it has a life span in ages not years, Guaranteed.
2. Measurements : L*B*H 24 inches * 24 inches * 36 inches.
3. Weight : Approx 250 Kg ( Need 3-4 persons to handle)
4. Packaging : Packed in fumigated, durable, wooden crate or pallet with bubble wrapping, thick sheet of foam for extraordinary packing.
5. Installation : No installation required. Since the fountain is in single block and pump fitted, all it requires is filling up water and plugging the pump.
6. Insclusions : Water pump is included with the fountains that consume very little electricity and are ordinary submersible pumps that are available in any electric shop or online. Thus in case anything goes wrong with the pump, they can be changed immediately.
7. Delivery : If available in Stock, then within 7 days after dispatch to any location across India. Export is possible too as Stonemart™ is an export organization exporting to countries like USA, UK, Australia, Canada, UAE etc. but the time required depends on the distance of country and the mode preferred i.e. by Air or Sea.
8. In Stock : No, SOLD TO SUBRAMANYAPURA POST, BENGALURU ( Can be Reorder , Lead Time 30 days, *Subject to Orders going on)
9. Watch this Buddha Fountain live at Stonemart™ Youtube Channel Live at :
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