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Granite Fountain With Boulder Pillar

CODE NO.: 6823

3 feet 6 inches high Black Granite Fountain with huge top of 26 inches diameter to enable perfect water flow, let birds enjoy dip of water and to see lily growing. It's all in one Granite Birdbath fountain that's equally good for garden ( where you can grow lily, see the birds enjoy in flowing water) and for indoor where the soothing toppling water sound is enough to let you meditate or enjoy a cup of tea seeing the beautiful flow of water with serene sound. What makes this exclusive is its extraordinary design of pillar that appears to be made by joining separate boulders whch in reality is a single pillar and crafted by shilpkars of Stonemart™ out of single block of granite. Thus its a single 1 piece granite pillars given shape of boulders making it exclusive and extraordinary. Let's have a look at more features:

SAFE FOR PETS AND KIDS : Because of the heavy weight and stable positioning, its impossible to make it fall anyhow, hence you need not to worry of your pets, kids and even unfavorable weather conditions like storm, rainfall etc.

1. Durability : Guaranteed Life span of ages not years as its out of solid block of granite.
2. Measurements : 26 inches diamter of the water bowl, Overall height 44 inches. Size LXBXH 26*26*44 
3. Weight : Approx 200 kg.
4. Packaging : Pillar, Bowl, fountain top packed in separate wooden pallets / crates with bubble wraps and thick sheet of foam, enabling safe delivery of masterpiece.
5. Shipment : Door Delivery is possible to all destinations across India. Stonemart™ being ISO Certified, Export Organization allows export as LCL of this masterpiece to any part of the world too.
6. Time to Reach : Within 7 days all across India after dispatch. For Overseas like USA, UK, Australia, Canada, UAE or any other country it depends on the distance of country and the mode preferred i.e. by Air or Sea.
7. Installation : Just like all other waterfalls or fountains, no installation is required. Its all required to just place the bowl on the pillar and fill water and plug and play.
8. Water Pump : Included
9. In Stock  : Yes
10. Watch the Beautiful Outdoor Granite Fountain running at Stonemart™ Youtube Channel :
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Black denotes luxury, and this contemporary black granite indoor and outdoor garden fountain justifies it. Its exclusive not just because of the beautiful hand carved huge bowl or because of one standalone pillar that is carved in such a way that it appears to be boulders joined to form a pillar, but because its something that takes you to the other world with its soothing water toppling sound and mesmerising looks. Just imagine the peace and positivity you get with the flow of this granite fountain. Also we emphasize on the fact that its equally good for outdoor and indoor. Because of the huge bowl size, there's no water spillage and so you can enjoy the beauty indoors. Additionally, it doesn't require water connection as the water once filled is recycling, thus enabling little or no wastage of water. Unlike other fountains, where they are useless after the pump starts working and do dont know how to replace and from where to buy, that is not the case here. Here, you can have the pump which is a small submersible cooler or aquarium pump available in any nearby electric shop or online. Thus, its something that is for ages not years. What are you waiting for? Order now because its out of stock. Should you have any further query, or you wish to order the same, Whatsapp/ Call  +91 9413348979 or mail