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Sold Complete Zen Garden With 2 Feet Buddha Statue

CODE NO.: 6802

Complete Zen Garden consisting of 2 Feet hand carved Mint Sandstone Buddha statue in Dhyana Mudra, 2 feet Janapese Lantern out of raibow sandstone, 20 inch diameter rainbow sandstone birdbath fountain and 25 kg Pebbles is available to order at Stonemart™. The complete setup is perfect for any balcony, terrace or center part of garden. Carefully designed by landscaping experts of Stonemart™, Stone Zen Garden requires no installation and can be installed with ease by homeowners. A beautiful garden in front of your main gate awaits you. Order this complete setup today from Stonemart™. Let's have a quick look of features:

1. Durability : Best for Exterior and Interior ( with life span in ages not years)
2. Measurement : Approx 4 feet Diameter Area can be decorated
3. Weight: Overall weight approx 150 kg
4. Packaging : Packed in separate wooden crates with bubble wrap and foam sheet for safe shipment. 
5. Shipment: Door Delivery is possible in all destinations of India and for export to any country across the world.
6. Time to Reach : Until in Stock, within 7 days after dispatch across India. For Export, depends on distance and route like Air or Sea. 
7. In Stock : Yes
8. Watch Video to see the product live at Stonemart™ Youtube Channel:
This Stone Zen Garden is exclusively available at Stonemart™ consisting of 24 inches  Stone Garden Buddha Statue in mint sandstone in Dhyana Mudra, Japanese Lantern as big as 24 inches, huge 20 inches rainbow sandstone birdbath fountain that's very popular in UK and pebbles. The complete setup is that big that easily a good area of upto 4 feet diameter can be well decorated by this. Additionally, there's not at all any requirement of any water connection as it works on recycyling water so little or no water is wasted. As far as durability is concerned, everything included in this Zen Garden is out of natural stone that too from stones from Rajasthan belt that are known for durability. Thus, the complete Zen Garden is free from any worry of Rain, Sun, or extreme climate. Though the setup as a whole is approx 150 kg, still its considered perfect for even balcony as the weight is distributed among various products. Like 2 feet statue weighs approx 40 kg, Pebbles 25 Kg, birdbath fountain 30 kg, Japanese Lantern approx 40 kg and so on. So, for what are you waiting for? Order the complete setup today from Stonemart™. 

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