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Bali Stone Statue In Meditation Mudra

CODE NO.: 6141

This Bali stone statue depicts meditation through chin mudra Yoga. Apart from being a decor statue, it can help a person to practise a particular form of yoga in correct posture to achieve mental, emotional and spiritual strength. It comes with a seal of trust as it is 100% manufactured and exported from India. It is hand carved by the most respected murtikars at Stonemart™.
1. Where can you Place: Place this Bali stone statue in dhyana mudra at living areas, gardens, offices, villas, bungalows, spas, hotel lobbies, meditation centres, as well as at the art galleries featuring modern sculptures. In case you have a custom specific placement requirement, then our experts will always be open to offer suggestions.
2. Durability: This Bali statue is easy to instal and lasts for ages due to original component of manufacturing. This Stonemart™ product is far better than cheap imports made from plastic, resin, ceramic and wood.
3. International Shipment: This product is constantly enjoying paramount demand in the global overseas market. Our international clients frequently explore it online as meditating Bali stone statue USA, meditating Bali stone statue Dubai, meditating Bali stone statue UK,  meditating Bali stone statue UAE, meditating Bali stone statue Canada, etc.
4. Local Shipment: We make this exemplary piece of craftsmanship readily accessible to all parts of the country of its origin as meditating Bali stone statue India. Our logistical support and delivery network cover all areas of the country. In various states in central and north India, it is usually ordered as meditating Bali stone statue in Uttar Pradesh,  meditating Bali stone statue in Rajasthan, meditating Bali stone statue in Punjab,  meditating Bali stone statue in Maharashtra, etc.
As far as the peripheries of the southern and deccan states are concerned, then we commonly find order requests such as meditating Bali stone statue in Telangana,  meditating Bali stone statue in Kerala, meditating Bali stone statue in Tamil Nadu,  meditating Bali stone statue in Goa,  meditating Bali stone statue in Karnataka, etc.
5. Packaging: The meditating Bali stone statue is served with door delivery at the provided address in a premium quality wooden crate. The stability of the sculpture inside the wooden box is ensured with the help of bubble and foam sheets wrapped around.
6. Time to Reach: When available in stock, then within 7 days to all destinations across India. For export, depending upon the distance and the mode of shipment preferred, i.e. by sea or by air.
7. In Stock: Yes
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