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Bali Stone Sculpture In Dhanurasan

CODE NO.: 6137

Yoga is widely regarded as one of the core essences of fitness. Placed upon a flat base, this sculpture of Bali stone online displays one of the most popular and recognized poses in yoga. It offers a perfect combination of Bali stone decor and a powerful inspiration of practising this form of yoga on a daily basis.
1. Where can you Place: This yoga stone sculpture can be placed in living rooms, gardens, fitness centres, yoga rooms, spas, etc. get in touch with our service representative now to get some of the finest recommendations regarding the installation and placement of the ordered product.
2. Durability: Bali stone sculptures are naturally robust and our Bali stone sculpture in dhanurasan mudra is also not an exception at all. It lasts for ages due to its 100% natural stone components and does not lose its shine due to change in weather conditions. A far better alternative when compared to the cheap imports made from ceramic and resin.
3. International Shipment: One of the trending products at Stonemart™ that is impressive in terms of its sheer quality and design. It has a wide base of admirers globally who frequently order it as dhanurasan Bali stone sculpture USA, dhanurasan Bali stone sculpture Dubai, dhanurasan Bali stone sculpture UK, dhanurasan Bali stone sculpture UAE, dhanurasan Bali stone sculpture Canada, etc.
4. Local Shipment: A paradigm of pristine finishing, this stone decor sculptural marvel is readily accessible for delivery in all the parts of the country as Bali stone sculpture India. As you are ordering from north and central India as Bali stone sculpture in Maharashtra, Bali stone sculpture in Uttar Pradesh, Bali stone sculpture in Punjab, etc. As even from deccan or south India as Bali stone sculpture in Telangana, Bali stone sculpture in Kerala, Bali stone sculpture in Tamil Nadu, Bali stone sculpture in Goa, Bali stone sculpture in Karnataka, etc. Our shipment network is readily accessible everywhere!
5. Packaging: Premium quality foam sheets and bubble wraps are used to safeguard the sculpture at the time of shipment. External wooden crate offers protection from outside.
6. Time to Reach: When available in stock, then within 7 days to all destinations across India. For export, depending upon the distance and the mode of shipment preferred, i.e. by sea or by air.
7. In Stock: Yes
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