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Bali Sculpture In Padmasana

CODE NO.: 6143

The Bali stone figure has been depicted in padmasana mudra to achieve inner focus and temperament. An ideal sculpture to fulfil your both spiritual and decor quest. It is 100% swadeshi, made in India product with quality assurance and trust. Indeed, it has been hand carved from top to bottom by the most respected murtikars at Stonemart™.
1. Where can you Place: The placement of this Bali stone statue in padmasana mudra can be done at the entrance area, living rooms, hotels, farmhouses, villas, meditation centres, spas, gardens, and several other likewise areas.
2. Durability: This Bali sculpture in padmasana form is easy to instal. Its original components and algae resistive properties make it lasting for ages. A far better alternative than the cheap imports made from wood, resin, ceramic, or plastic.
3. International Shipment: This product is hot favourite and highly trending in the international market. It is in surging demand online as padmasana Bali sculpture USA, padmasana Bali sculpture Dubai, padmasana Bali sculpture UK, padmasana Bali sculpture UAE, padmasana Bali sculpture Canada, etc.
4. Local Shipment: A classic example of padmasana Bali sculpture India, this unique Bali stone decor product can seamlessly accessed online across all Indian states. We already have an exhaustive list of highly satisfied clientele in all major Indian states, such as padmasana Bali sculpture in Telangana, padmasana Bali sculpture in Maharashtra, padmasana Bali sculpture in Kerala, padmasana Bali sculpture in Tamil Nadu, padmasana Bali sculpture in Goa, padmasana Bali sculpture in Karnataka, padmasana Bali sculpture in Uttar Pradesh, padmasana Bali sculpture in Punjab, and so on.
5. Packaging: This padmasana Bali stone statue is transported for doorstep delivery in fully reliable wooden crate. The sculpture is fully covered with bubble wraps and foam sheets to safeguard it against any kind of friction or bump during the entire course of journey.
6. Time to Reach: When available in stock, then within 7 days to all destinations across India. For export, depending upon the distance and the mode of shipment preferred, i.e. by sea or by air.
7. In Stock: Yes
Padmasana Bali sculpture is available for order only in limited stock. Book your order as soon as possible to save time and money. Buy today!
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Padmasana Bali sculpture in meditative form to perfectly match your spiritual and decor aspirations only at Stonemart™.