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6 Feet, 1.5 Tons Black Marble Dhyana Mudra Big Buddha Statue For Garden

CODE NO.: 7547

Magnanimous, huge and eminent...this 6 feet dhyana mudra Buddha statue in black marble is as towering as the wisdom and belief-system of the Buddha himself. The zenith of exceptional stone masonry and craftsmanship, this big Buddha statue for the garden will ensure that its sheer presence is felt across the vicinity. The huge black marble Buddha is sitting in his iconic meditation mudra which helps the bearer to seek inwards. The Buddha in this mudra represents the concentration on the Good Law as well as the attainment of spiritual perfection through focus and perseverance. The presence of a dhyana mudra Buddha sculpture is extremely beneficial in both biological and spiritual context. It helps in building self-awareness, intuition and insight as well as reducing the level of stress, anxiety and depression in people of all age groups. 

We never publish stock images on our website. It is a 100% made in India product from Stonemart™, we only display our own self manufactured products. So, place your order with complete peace of mind as here you will receive exactly the same product that you see on our website.  An awe-inspiring choice for your exclusive home, bungalows, mansions, entrance, garden, Buddhist temples and monasteries, luxury villas, farmhouses, offices, resorts, restaurants, hotels, academic and research institutions, clubs, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, as well as different commercial establishments with planned architecture. Place this large Buddha statue for the garden directly with no need for any civil work. Indeed, you read that right! No digging, no drilling, no pasting, just direct placement once the shipment arrives. 

Now, the obvious question that arises in your mind is why to buy this huge black marble meditating Buddha only from Stonemart™? Well, let us look at the reasons here-

1. Category : Garden
2. Suitable For : Indoor and outdoor
3. Durability : Forget years, it is going to last for ages and that's guaranteed. Since it's all out of single block black marble, it's perfect to be kept in the Sun, rain, or extreme weather conditions.
4. Dimension : Statue Height: 6 feet
5. Weight : 1.5 tons approx. Requires a crane to handle.
6. Packaging : Packed in a wooden crate or pallet with a thick sheet of foam and bubble wrap for safe shipment.
7. Installation : All Buddha stone sculptures including this, do not require any installation. The only thing required is to take out the statue from the wooden crate and place it directly.
8. Placement : Dhyana Mudra is considered best to keep at the entrance or garden (as per best Feng Shui placement). 
9. Delivery : Yes, at Stonemart™ door delivery of this large Buddha statue for garden is possible to doorstep to any location across India. Also, it can be exported to any country in the world since Stonemart™ is into exports and exporting products worldwide.
10. Time to Reach : (ONLY IF IN STOCK) Within 7 days after dispatch to all destinations across India. For export, it depends on the distance and the route preferred i.e. by Air or Sea.
11. In Stock : Yes.
12. Watch this huge garden Buddha statue live at Stonemart™ YouTube Channel:
13. For more queries or order or to request quote : Call/WhatsApp +91-9413348979 or mail

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