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3 Feet And 6 Feet Black Marble Buddha Statue

CODE NO.: 6938

Buy 6 feet and 3 feet Black Marble Buddha Statue online in India from Stonemart™. Handcarved out of single block of black marble, these large Stone Buddha Statue in Dhyana Mudra and Abhaya Mudra out of Black Marble are undoubtedly the most serene statues that are sure to take you to the other world. Carved by hands of skilled Murtikars of Stonemart™ , this 6 feet Buddha Statue is suitable for exterior and 3 feet Buddha Sculpture is perfect for both home and garden and has life span not just in years rather ages. Suitable for your home, big garden, farmhouse, rehabilitation center or even society, here you can expect peace while you sit and look at the calm face of huge Buddha statue. Here are few features that sets it apart from other big stone Buddha statues in India:
1. Durability : As they are of Black marble found in Rajasthan mines, are suitable for all weathers and perfect even in rain, Sun or extreme climate. Thus, you can keep them in your garden under open Sun and expect its life in ages not years.
2. Measurements: 6 Feet * 4 Feet * 2 Feet., 3 Feet *2 Feet *1 Feet
3. Weight :  6 feet is approx 1.5 Tonnes in weight and can only be handled by crane, whereas 3 feet is 200 Kg in weight, need 2-3 people to handle.
4. Packaging : The Black big Buddha marble statue is packed in wooden crates with perfect packaging with bubble wraps and thick foam sheet, to enable safe delivery.
5. Delivery : Yes, at Stonemart™ door delivery of big marble buddha statue is possible anywhere across India and even abroad as Stonemart™ is an export organization. 
6. Time to reach : Just 7 days after dispatch to all destinations across India. For any other country in the world, time depends on distance, and route preferred i.e. Sea or Air.
7. In Stock : Yes
8. Watch how  big Marble Buddha statue in Dhyana Mudra and 3 feet Abhaya Mudra Marble Buddha Statue ooks Live at Stonemart™ Youtube Channel :
9. To order or have more details : Call/ Whatsapp +91- 9413348979 or mail
Looking for Large 6 Foot and 3 Foot Marble Buddha Statue out of black marble online in India? Look no further, as here at Stonemart™ you can have ready in stock black marble Dhayana Mudra Buddha Statue and 3 Feet Abhaya Mudra Marble Buddha Sculpture that are perfect for your garden, farmhouse, rehabilitation center or your home. Highly durable, large Marble Buddha Statue are good enough to withstand any extreme climate conditions and so you need to worry for rain, Sun or other climatic conditions. what are you waiting for? Request Quote or order by call/ WhatsApp +91-9413348979 or mail