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Sold To Thane West, Maharashtra 3 Feet, 250 Kg Black Marble Buddha Water Fountain

CODE NO.: 7522

Black marble Buddha water fountain...the perfect set-up for the Zen garden decor aspirations of your dream. Place the huge set-up directly with no civil work needed for the installation. Yes, you read that digging, no drilling, no cutting or pasting! A hand carved stone Buddha fountain masterpiece that even your grand and great grand children could cherish generations after generations. 

It is the time to discover simplicity and elegance altogether in this huge and magnanimous black marble Buddha fountain statue for both home and garden. This 3 feet high dhyana mudra Buddha fountain is best for growing lotuses and lilies (which are favourite to lord Buddha) as well as to keep fishes. Enjoy the soothing sound of water cascading down from a pitcher while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee in your garden, terrace or backyard. This garden Buddha fountain set-up is known to offer mental peace and happiness and prepared out of a single block of marble. Due to the unique design of the fountain tank in exquisite triple layered lotus pattern, there is no spillage or splashing of water to the surroundings, making it a stupendous choice for both interior and exterior decor aesthetics. 

Place this large Buddha water fountain directly in your living room, near puja room, entrance, garden, public parks, terrace, temples and monasteries, for Buddha at Yoga and meditation centers, farmhouses, offices, real estate societies, resorts, restaurants, hotels, academic and research institutions, clubs, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, etc. A 100% proudly made in India (atmanirbhar Bharat) product in the factory of Stonemart™ with the display of original image. We never play tricks or games with our clients and never publish stock images that most of the other websites in the market tend to do. Here, you will get exactly the same product that you see and order from this official website of our global brand.   

Let's have a peek at some of the remarkable features of our big black Buddha fountain: 

1. Durability : Forget years, it's going to last for ages and that's guaranteed. Since it's all out of marble and is carved out of a single block of black marble, it's perfect to be kept in Sun, Rain, or extreme weather conditions.
2. Measurements : 2 Feet * 2 Feet * 3 Feet (LxBxH) 
3. Weight : Approx. 250 kg, Can be handled by 3-5 people.
4. Packaging : Buddha Fountain is packed in a wooden pallet (crate) with bubble wraps, thick foam sheets, for safe shipment.
5. Installation : All stone fountains including this, do not require any installation. The only thing required is to take out the fountain from the wooden crate and place it where the heart desires.
6. Water Pump : Comes with water pumps (already fitted). No water connection required. Only an electric point is required to run water pumps that are of so little capacity that consume very less amount of electricity. Also the water is recycled to ensure there's little or no wastage of water.
7. Delivery : Yes, at Stonemart™ delivery of this huge masterpiece garden Buddha fountain is possible to doorstep to any location across India. Also it can be exported to any country in the world since Stonemart™ is into exports and exporting products worldwide.
8. Time to Reach : Within 7 days after dispatch to all destinations across India. For export, it depends on the distance and the route preferred i.e. by Air or Sea.
9. In Stock : No, sold to Thane West, Maharashtra. But can be prepared again on order depending on the availability of block (Lead time 30 days).
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