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26 Inch White Sandstone Japanese Lanterns

CODE NO.: 7234

White sandstone Japanese lanterns are deemed as a symbol of purity and sanctity with the radiance of light helpful to ward off negative energies. A great decor choice for both indoors and outdoors including home, home entrances, balcony, garden, office premises, real estate societies, resort, farmhouse, hospitals, rehabilitation centre, hotel, and different forms of commercial establishments. These white sandstone lanterns come with short pedestals that increase their height for better visibility with respect to the surroundings. Fully intact natural stone material, and never involve substandard pasting work that you occasionally find with other websites offering cheap imports. These are natural stone products that are naturally robust, heavy and extremely durable. So, no more worries due to injuries or breakage caused by storms, or pets or kids playing around.

The surface light setting inside is completely shockproof and fitted with lights that can be easily replaced by buying another from the nearest electric shop. The product has been hand carved with white sandstone which is known for its own unique and special properties. Whether exposed to the sunlight, rain water or snow fall, this natural stone has the tendency to produce various textured colours which is indeed a sight to behold. Order today from the limited stock to rejuvenate your senses with that feeling! 

Let's have a look at features of these hand carved natural stone Japanese lanterns:

1. Placement : Home, entrances, console table, balcony, garden, terrace, office premises, real estate society, resort, farmhouse, hospitals, rehabilitation centre, hotel, and different forms of commercial establishments. 
2. Material : 100% pure white Sandstone 
3. Dimension : 28" inches 
4. Height : Approx. 2.5 feet  
5. Weight : 50 kg each 
6. Durable : Made from natural sandstone treasured in the core of the Earth, difficult to fall or break due to its sheer natural stone quality, weight and size.
7. Maintenance : Requires no maintenance, just basic cleaning with water.
8. Installation : All natural stone pagodas, lamps and lanterns from Stonemart™ including this do not require any kind of installation. You just need to take the product out and place it wherever you like. No civil work, including cutting, drilling or pasting required whatsoever. 
9. Packaging : These Japanese Lanterns for garden and home are packed in a wooden pallet or crate with perfect packing accompanied with thick 1 inch foam sheet and bubble wrap.
10. Delivery : (ONLY IF IN STOCK) Within 7 days after dispatch (across India) and export depending on the country (LCL delivery).
11. In Stock : Yes 

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