Stone Mart
Sold 22 Inch Meditation Buddha Statue

CODE NO.: 6002

Beautiful natural sandstone sitting padmasana Buddha in his 22 inch meditative form with a beautiful and intrinsically carved halo in the backdrop.
Here, Stonemart™offers a rare combination of a single block of sandstone from Gwalior brought to life by our famous murtikars. This 22 inch Buddha statue is a sheer mastery of craftsmanship bestowed upon by the gifted artists dedicated to their work lifelong. 
Fully robust Buddha statue featuring remarkable carving of the Buddha's robes, Kasaya, embossed in a sublime manner with the folds of the robes perfectly covering the shoulder and the neck region of the statue.  
The meditating Buddha statue comes with artistically carved halo in the backdrop of the head with immaculately evident work with embossing design to cover each and every textural surface. 
Weather resistant, waterproof and extremely durable by nature. Best suited for garden, living rooms, office receptions, restaurants, hotels, spas, terrace gardens, and other exterior and interior decor needs. 
The order will be delivered at your doorstep in a secured wooden box with a bubble wrap covering the whole sandstone statue to ensure the logistic journey to take place with complete peace of mind.