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Available 2 Feet And 3 Feet Lifecycle Buddha Statues

CODE NO.: 6815

Magnificient work of art is depicted in these 2 and 3 feet ( 40 inches) Hand carved stone buddha statues in sandstone. The most important feature that makes them extraordinary is the fact that these are hand carved by skilled murtikars of Stonemart™ out of single block of stone. Just imagine the precision required to carve each statue keeping in mind every detail that makes it simply extraordinary. Both the statues depict the Life Cycle of Buddha and various stages he has gone through. 

Features of these statues: 

1. Durability : Both the statues are carved beautifully in sandstone  and are considered perfect for both indoor and outdoor.
2. Measurements: For 2 Feet Statue:   24*16* 8 inches
                              For 40 Inch Statue:  40*22*10 inches
3. Weight: 37 kg for 2 feet and apprpx 120 kg for big Lifecycle Buddha Stone Statue.
4. Packaging : All statues including these are packed in Wooden Pallet with bubble wrap and thick foam sheet for shipment without even chipping.
5. Shipment : Door Delivery is possible in all destinations of India and is available for export to all countries, since Stonemart™ is an export organization.
6. Time to Reach : If available in Stock all statues reach within 7 days after dispatch within India. 
7. In Stock : 2 Feet Statue  NO : Sold to Japan, Not Available To Order
8. In Stock : 3 Feet Statue YES 
9. Available on Reorder : NO
10. Watch Video of Statue on Stonemart™ Youtube Channel:
Make Me A part of Your Life.. Buddha - That's what you would say after seeing these beautiful hand carved sandstone Buddha Statues. Carved beautifully by hands, these stone statues are simply second to none. These Lifecyle Stone Buddha Statues show the various stages of Buddha and are indeed among the best stone statues in india that beautifully describe the glorious stone art of India. 

If you long for something extraordinary for your home, then there's nothing best than 3 feet Lifecycle Stone Buddha Statue. You can even plan a beautiful Zen garden on your terrace or balcony as the statue is equally good as garden buddha Statue. Due to less thickness, this Big Buddha Statue for home ( 3 feet or 40 inches) and garden is must as its not that heavy as compared to other 3 feet Stone Statues. 

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