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Sold To Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 18 Inch White Marble Ganesha Idol For Home

CODE NO.: 7528

The benign divinity of Bappa ornated to perfection...! The extensive detail in which colours are used over this 1.5 feet Ganpati statue is second to none. The head crown, the divine halo in the backdrop, the jewelry and the borders of the robe have been given a royal golden touch as a mark of opulence and prosperity. The palm of each hand has been given a pinkish texture as a symbol of auspicious occurrences. A deep yellow colour has been given to the sweets (modak) in the bowl and trunk of lord Ganesha. Stone statue of Ganesha ji with modak in trunk believes to display the fact that the lord assures reward to those who work hard and there will be abundant success in lives of those who work diligently and keep the faith in God. The four armed Ganesha statue is the symbol of the four internal attributes associated with a subtle body, i.e. ego (Ahamkara), mind (Manas), conditioned conscience (Chitta) and intellect (Buddhi). Place this Hindu God statue of Vinayaka in the correct manner according to Vastu to welcome good luck, prosperity, harmony and goodwill to your premises. 

We are strictly against the culture of publishing stock images. We only display 100% authentic images of 100% bona fide products hand manufactured in our own factories. At Stonemart™, there would be no difference between what you see and what you receive after the confirmation of the order. Install this 'made in Bharat' Ganesha idol in your living room, entrances, puja room, garden, office premises, temple, farmhouse, resort, clubs, real estate societies, hotel, academic and research institutions, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, shops, and various kinds of commercial establishments to welcome happiness, peace and prosperity. It would be best to place this white marble blessing Ganesha sculpture facing north, northeast and west direction directly with no need for any civil work in the area of installation. If possible, prefer north as it is also the direction of lord Shiva. 

Let's have a look at features of this hand carved marble Ganesha statue with pedestal:

1. Placement : Home, temple, garden, terrace, office premises, resort, farmhouse, hospitals, rehabilitation centre, hotel, and different forms of commercial establishments. 
2. Material : 100% pure white marble 
3. Dimension : Approx 18 inches 
4. Height : Around 1.5 feet
5. Weight : Approx. 30 kg. Easy to handle.  
6. Durable : Made from white marble treasured in the core of the Earth, this outdoor Hindu God statue lasts not just for years but ages.
7. Maintenance : Requires no maintenance, just basic cleaning with water.
8. Installation : All God statues from Stonemart™ including this do not require any installation. You just need to take the product out and place it wherever you like.
9. Packaging : The overall blessing Ganesha on lotus for home is packed in a wooden pallet or crate with perfect packing accompanied with thick 1 inch foam sheet and bubble wrap.
10. Delivery : (ONLY IF IN STOCK) Within 7 days after dispatch (across India) and export depending on the country (LCL delivery).
11. In Stock : No, sold to Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Can be made again on order (Lead time 30 days).

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