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12 Inch White Marble Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa And Sri Sharada Maa Statue

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The chronicle of spirituality in the Indian subcontinent would remain incomplete without mentioning about Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. During his lifetime he became the torchbearer of the Hindu traditions of Bhakti yoga, Tantra, and Advaita Vedanta. His wife and spiritual consort, Sri Sharada Maa is widely referred to as the Holy Mother (Sri Sri Maa) by the pupils and followers of Sri Ramakrishna monastic order. Their combined efforts later transformed into Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission across the Indian subcontinent. It was one of their disciples Narendranath Datta who brought Hinduism and Hindutva as a major world religion and order and became known as Swami Vivekananda. 

Hand carved out of 100% pure white marble, these statues of Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Sri Sharada Maa are a humble tribute from Stonemart™ to the Guru and Guru Mata of not just Hindus or Indians but the whole race of mankind. The statues are among the masterpieces that are custom made at Stonemart™ as per the special requests put forth by the clients for the natural stone sculptures of their favourite historical, public or religious figures. Our sculptures can be placed at important functions or events, homes, temples, charitable institutions and NGOs, public parks, religious societies and academic and research institutions. Our natural stone statues are naturally heavy and not hollow; making them highly durable to be placed directly at the designated place without involving any kind of civil work like cutting, chiseling or drilling. 

Let us look at the features that you are about to avail by ordering these sacred sculptures- 

1. Durability : Forget years, these statues are going to last for ages and that's guaranteed. Since they are all out of white marble, and that too out of a single block of marble, it's perfect to keep them in the Sun, rain, or extreme weather conditions.
2. Dimension : 10 inches length, 6 inches width, 5 inches thickness and 12 inches high, out of a single block of stone.
3. Weight : Approx. 35 kg of both 
4. Packaging : Packed in wooden crate or pallet with thick sheet of foam and bubble wrap for safe shipment. 
5. Installation : Fully intact and simplest in terms of installation. Just take them out of the wooden box and place them wherever you like.  
6. Placement : These custom natural stone sculptures are considered best to be kept both indoor and outdoor (as per best Vastu or Feng Shui placement), so it's up to you where you wish to place the same. 
7. Delivery : Yes, at Stonemart™ delivery of these white marble statues for home is possible to doorstep to any location across India. Also it can be exported to any country in the world since Stonemart™ is into exports and exporting products worldwide.
8. Time to Reach : (ONLY IF IN STOCK) Within 7 days after dispatch to all destinations across India. For export, it depends on the distance and the route preferred i.e. by Air or Sea.
9. In Stock : Yes 
10. Watch these Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Sri Sharada Maa statues live at Stonemart™ YouTube Channel:
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