Stone Mart

Dispute Resolution

Litigation, or any sort of dispute resolution is required to be ensured when there is a discrepancy between the parties that is required to be solved as per the land of the law. We at Stonemart™ India, always prioritise and nurture a culture with a long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationship ensuring growth and prosperity. But there comes certain scenarios where we are required to part the ways due to the difference of the opinion or some other inescapable reasons.

When it comes to a scenario of dispute, our policy remains to extract an amicable solution taking care of the interests of both the parties. We take care of both the interests and the reputation of any party that is directly or indirectly associated with us.

While offering services, there is always a possibility of enduring indifference in one way or the other and our priority remains to resolve the matter with mutual discussions and try to reach out for a peaceful agreement. But in case, the case is required to go into the court to get a fair trial, then also we offer all the necessary care and support to the other party to make sure they can follow the dispute resolution process without facing any kind of trouble and may the court decide where the truth and justice lies.

Our legal team is known for resolving all the cases associated with the interests of the company on a proactive basis and it is always based over the grounds of business ethics and healthy practices of law, including arbitration, mediation, negotiation, and conciliation. Our key objective is always to resolve the dispute in such a way that it curtails the possibility of costly escalation for either of the parties.

We at Stonemart™ India, consider litigation to be the last resort to solve a dispute and always prefer to solve all kinds of differences out of the court. It will ensure less expenditure of time, efforts, and resources. However, if there is requirement to seek the support of judiciary to resolve the matter, then all the matters subject to the dispute would be settled in the Jaipur jurisdiction only. It is not primarily because the headquarters of Stonemart™ India is located at Jaipur, but we always wish to make sure that all the parities associated with our interests in one way or the other, can seek legal remedies for all their troubles at one place only.