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Things You Should Know Before Installing a Birdbath

Things You Should Know Before Installing a Birdbath

Guess what is more soothing than the sound of birds chirping on a tree? Of course, the sound of birds chirping in your balcony or garden! Well, inviting the tiny feathered guests of the Nature is not as difficult as it seems. If you can set a natural surrounding in your vicinity that is friendly to the birds, then you can attract their presence quite easily. One of the best means to get their attention is the installation of natural stone birdbath

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Why a Birdbath Hand Carved from Natural Stone is a Smart Choice? 

Now, the next obvious question that pop on your mind will be, why only ‘natural stone’ birdbath? Well, a natural stone birdbath will never be a part of seasonal landscaping décor. It will be a year-round addition to your balcony or backyard garden. Place it filled with water alongside a natural stone bird feeder and you can draw regular attention of the most unique and fascinating birds. When you are dealing with the regular visit of small to medium sized birds, it is imperative to install a birdbath that is composed of a robust material and not some cheap décor import made from plastic, resin, crystal, ceramic or wood that cannot hold their weight and perish with the passage of time. A natural stone bird bath will have a durability that would last for the ages and will have the life-expectancy equal to that of the stone itself. 

Why Birds are Important for your Garden and Backyard? 

The most pivotal aspect of purchasing a birdbath is that it looks appealing to the birds and enthralling to the human eyes. Birds are deemed as the messengers of the Nature. Their role is critical in your vicinity not merely because of their adorable presence, but also due to their necessity to maintain the health and vitality of your surroundings. Birds are known to keep a check on the growing population of pests and insects that are responsible for damaging plants and crops. Besides, their excretions increase the nutrient content of your soil, enabling plants to thrive in your backyard. 

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Things You Should Know Before Installing a Birdbath

First and foremost, it is important for the birds to feel safe and relax while being in and around the birdbath. They may flock around, dine from the bird feeder, refresh and groom themselves by taking a plunge into the water. That is why, there are certain aspects related to birdbath décor ideas that you are required to keep in mind well in advance- 

Choose the Right Place for Installation:

If you are buying the birdbath for balcony, then try to place it in one of the corners, so that your movement does not disturb the birds. If you are buying the birdbath for garden or birdbath for backyard, try to keep it in a shade or close to a tree so that the water does not dry our rapidly, which may result in algae growth. To keep a regular supply of water, you can even go for a birdbath fountain that can function as fountain cum birdbath. Try to keep it in a spot from where you can regularly watch the birds by sitting at a distance and also hear their chirping. 

Always Keep the Water Fresh:

Birds do love clean water. If you wish to attract the attention of the birds, try to place fresh water for them. Birds are social in nature and their interaction with other birds while playing in water makes them happy. So, always keep a check on algae, dirt and grime to keep the birds healthy. 

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Birdbath Size:

So now you brought a small birdbath with cute features, but how will it serve the purpose of your birds? Small bird baths may seem attractive in a short run, but it might not turn out to be the best option when we speak in a long run. Always prefer large natural stone birdbaths carrying a broader basin to provide enough space for several bird buddies to take a dip at once. Please make sure that the big bird bath that you order has a base that is shallow enough to allow even medium sized birds to comfortably take a plunge. 

Keep the Bird Bath Clean:

Your birdbath might lose its aesthetic appeal if it carries unpleasant stuff like algae. So, it is recommended to go on a cleaning drive once in a week to remove algae and other kinds of dirt accumulated over a period of time. As you are cleaning a natural stone surface, avoid the use of detergents or harsh chemicals. You can get involved in a quick brush cleaning with fresh water and thoroughly rinse afterward. Let the surface dry out in the Sun before placing it back for use. 

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When you are getting involved in contemporary birdbath décor, it is noteworthy that patience is the key. Whether you are involving the concept of birdbath under the balcony décor ideas or garden décor ideas, it might take a week or even a fortnight for the birds to get familiar with this new, man-made water source along with its surrounding areas. But once they get familiar and find your arrangements comfortable, they will transform your balcony, terrace, garden or backyard into a living paradise.