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How to Install an Outdoor Fountain Without Calling any Civil Work?

How to Install an Outdoor Fountain Without Calling any Civil Work?

Are you looking for an easy way to amplify the beauty of your garden, backyard, balcony or terrace without investing much time and effort? Why not give a thought to an outdoor fountain with a soothing sight and sought of cascading water to rejuvenate the senses? Natural stone fountain is one of the pioneer options when it comes to landscape décor. The best part is that there are certain options that can function as fountain cum birdbath at the balcony or backyard to attract birds and butterflies to stop and get a bit of refreshment. 

Whether you wish to use it as a natural stone birdbath or fountain, the obvious question that arises is the amount of civil work that would be required to install the product. Would there be uncalled wear and tear at the property at the time of fountain installation? Will the installation work create cacophony and chaos to disturb the residents of the property and the neighborhood? Well, what if we tell you that it is possible for you to install an exterior fountain set-up directly without calling-in any civil work at the vicinity. 

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Indeed, it is possible nowadays! There are home and garden fountain décor products available in the market that upon the concept of direct fountain placement ideas. Let us look at the basic steps that you are required to follow to get your fountain installation done without any trouble. 

STEP I: Choose your Fountain Location:

Firstly, decide in advance where to install your fountain. If you wish to avoid calling an electrician to run a new wire and outlet, then it is pivotal to choose a spot that is near to an already existing electric outlet. You can even choose a spot from where you can open the window and provide the connection inside while allowing the fountain to be placed outside. As there is a fountain, there will always be a pump that required electricity to run and placing it near to an already existing electrical outlet will save you much of time and effort that you will otherwise spend on civil work. 

STEP II: Shop for the Right Fountain Set Online:

Get in touch with a reliable global brand that deals in natural stone fountain décor and provides the fountain set-up that comes with direct placement. You can choose for the right fountain set as per the space and utility, exterior decor ideas, modern outdoor décor ideas, Vastu or Feng-shui needs, and spiritual affiliation. You can choose from natural stone urli fountain, granite and sandstone panel fountains, grandessa fountain, modern 3D fountains, birdbath fountain, rock water features, Buddha fountain, Ganesh statue with fountain to name a few. 

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STEP III: Easy to Dismantle and Rearrange:

To eschew the need of civil work, it is important to buy a water fountain product online that comes in parts in the shipment and that is easy to dismantle and rearrange. Once the shipment arrives, all the dismantled parts should be taken out of the crate and brought together to attain the shape of one single piece fountain. It should be placed directly at the chosen spot without digging, drilling, cutting or pasting at the property.  

STEP IV: Should Avoid Water Connection:

If you are going for an outdoor stone fountain that requires an external water connection to fill the fountain tank, then you would be left with no choice but to opt for additional civil work. It would be best to buy a water fountain online that can run without water connection. Yes, there are hand made fountains in which the water can be filled directly in the base tank and recirculated to the fountain mouth when the submersible pump is turned on. Always prefer to shop for such fountains. 

STEP V: Switch on the Pump and Enjoy:

At last, switch on the pump and see the magic happen! When the switch is turned on, and the first rush of water comes out of the fountain mouth, it would be a sight to behold. The fountain water trickles over the side surface to create an enticing sound and sight. Now, just sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.  

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Extra Tip:

Decorate the tiers and base with flowers and natural pebble stones for better aesthetics. If you have a fountain base tank with enough depth, then you can even think about putting certain small fishes of different colors to assimilate the living beauty of the Nature.