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Why Buying Hindu God Idols of Natural Stone is the Best Thing to Do this Diwali?

Why Buying Hindu God Idols of Natural Stone is the Best Thing to Do this Diwali?

As the celebrations of Diwali around the corner, most of us prepare to welcome the trinity of Hindu God statues, worshiping whom deemed auspicious on the twilight hours of Diwali. Most of us believe that ordering a Lakshmi statue, Ganesha statue, and Saraswati statue for the Puja ceremony is one of the easiest jobs to do. But that is not entirely true! 

The selection of the Hindu God sculpture made from the right material is as important as conducting the pooja rituals in the correct way. As natural stone material is obtained in the purest form, it is deemed perfect for the manufacturing of Hindu God idols. However, the idols made from other materials like ceramic, fiber, and crystal do carry mixing resulting in impurities. Worshiping an idol with the material carrying impurities will not bless you with auspicious results. 

Let us get a glimpse of some of the most pivotal reasons why one should give preference to natural stone Hindu God statue this Diwali in comparison to other materials - 

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Stone Idols are Highly Durable:

As per Hindu Sanatana tradition, broken or chipped idols should never be kept at home. While God statues made from other materials are not resistant to breakage, corrosion and decomposition, natural stone sculptures are going to last for the ages. The natural stone can survive in different environmental factors without changing shape or look both indoors and outdoors. As the natural texture does not change due to heat, cold or moisture. 

Stone Idols Require Low Maintenance:

When we go for the God sculptures made from other materials, we are required to timely cover them with paints and other forms of protective coatings. While buying God statues made from stone would just require basic dusting and periodic cleaning with water. Nothing additional is required to be done! 

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Unparalleled Aesthetic Appeal:

Let us admit to the fact that nothing can beat the inherent beauty and intricate designs that can be accomplished upon stone. The aesthetic appeal resulted due to natural textures, color variations and patterns can easily get embossed to the real expressions of the Gods and Goddesses themselves.  

We cannot Overlook Our History and Culture:

Stone art and architectural embellishment are an integral part of our historical and cultural heritage for ages. Whether you are looking at the grandeur of Cholas and Pallavas in the south or Gurjar-Pratiharas and Chandelas in North, you can find Hindu God sculptures hand carved out of stone straight from Mahabalipuram to Khajuraho. Adding a natural stone Hindu God idol to your next ritualistic Diwali Puja ceremony would only empower you to take that legacy forward. 

So, get ready to make to make this year’s Diwali extremely special with sandstone Hindu God idols, marble Hindu God idols, and granite Hindu God idols. Shop now at Stonemart™. May the blessings of Maa Lakshmi, Maa Saraswati and Ganesh ji overwhelm our Diwali with happiness and prosperity.