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Harmonize your Home and Garden with 7 Lucky Vastu Placements of Buddha Statues

Harmonize your Home and Garden with 7 Lucky Vastu Placements of Buddha Statues

The presence of the Buddha in the premises is considered to be important, but its correct placement as per the principles of Vastu is imperative. If you are buying Buddha for Vastu dosh removal or to invite positivity, peace and happiness, then always take care of the Vastu placements.

The stone Buddha statues are defined by various mudras or actions and your placement of the statue would solely be dependent upon it. Let us look at 7 lucky Vastu placement options that are defined as per the role of the Buddha in the vicinity-

Buddha as Nirvana:

Also called reclining Buddha statue or sleeping Buddha statue, these stone Buddha sculptures should face west and should remain inclined towards the right. The reclining Buddha, also called Shakyamuni is the manifestation of the last hours of Lord Buddha as he emancipated himself from the eternal cycle of life, death and rebirth. The sculpture is ideal for those who wish to come in terms with the inner harmony and wish to commence a new journey in life.

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Buddha as Focus Provider:

Dhyana mudra statue of Buddha to eliminate attention deficits from life. In an era of digital diversions, we all find it difficult to focus upon our goals. That is when the placement of meditating Buddha statue in the northeastern corner of the property along with a natural stone water fountain can soothe the senses to bring focus and the clarity of thought.

Buddha as Problem Solver:

It is the statue featuring the earth touching mudra, popularly known as the Bhumisparsh Buddha statue with his left hand resting on his lap, while the other one pointing towards the ground. It is the form of the Buddha representing the eternal wisdom and a problem-solving approach. Place the Buddha idol facing the east or at the centre of your property. Place it at the Bramhasthan if you are feeling that you are in the midst of an unsolvable crisis.

Buddha as Guardian:

The Buddha offering fearlessness and confidence in this avatar. One of the most easily recognizable mudras of the Buddha, here we can see him with a raised right hand to shield the negative energies of a misfortune or the evil eye. It is ideally placed near the entrance of the front door to keep the disruptive elements at bay. The ‘Protection Buddha' is known to immediately eliminate any Vastu defects inside the premises.

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Buddha as Healer:

Also known as the Medicine Buddha, it carries a bowl of herbs in the left hand. Ideally suitable for placement at the north of northeast (NNE) or inside any bright and sunny room to seek the blessings of the lord for good health, or as an anodyne to a particular illness.

Buddha as Teacher:

A special characteristic feature of the Buddha similar to Goddess Saraswati. Here, the thumb and index finger of the lord are touching each other to form a circle marking an uninterrupted flow of information, knowledge and wisdom. Place this Vitarka Mudra Buddha statue in the debate halls, auditorium, library or the office desk facing east to achieve academic or professional excellence.

Buddha Fountain:

A perfect blend of spirituality and the Nature, it features the Buddha along with a fountain. There is a great range of stone Buddha fountains available in a variety of shapes and sizes including sandstone Buddha with a fountain tank, marble Buddha with granite panel fountain, etc. You can place your Buddha fountain for garden in north, northeast and east, as these areas are compatible with the fusion of the Buddha and the water element to bring abundance of peace, goodwill and fortune.

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What Not To Do While Placing the Buddha Idol at Home and Garden?

As we discussed the 7 vastu principles for the placement of the Buddha statues, there are certain aspects of placement that fall under the 'not to do' list -

  • Irrespective of the fact whether you are placing the Buddha indoor or outdoor, never place the idol directly upon the ground. You can go with a console table for the Buddha or a natural stone pedestal for Buddha to increase the height to the eye level and pay homage to the lord.
  • Never place the statue of Buddha or any other Hindu God statue near the closet, lavatory, laundry room or bathroom. Even if you are trying to create a spa-like ambiance, you should avoid it.
  • Never keep the Buddha statue for Vastu over a shoe rack or beneath a staircase.
  • Never place your Buddha idol in the kitchen.
  • Never place the stone Buddha sculpture directly next to a smart device like a huge television or home computer as it could diminish all the healing aspects associated with it.