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The initial Buddha statues were just not formed till many decades after Dharma Gautama's demise, and they were not meant to depict the human being's physical features. Each image instead contains the core of the Teachings of Buddha. These images have a soul or spirit in this manner. For the statues' makers to properly portray the essence of the Buddha's teachings, people must be in a state of spiritual experience. A state of mind described as serenity is strongly connected to the energy of the environment. Among the trust worthiest icons that encourage calmness and harmony is a Buddha statue for the household.

Gautam Buddha statue is a representative of knowledge, peace, and calmness. Both Feng Shui and Hindu Shastra believe statues of Gautam Buddha to be beneficial and indicators of great fortune. Locating these statues in different locations around home can influence the peace and emotional well-being of family, as per vastu for Buddha statues for houses. When the Buddha statue is properly positioned at homes, compassionate life energy is encouraged.

Buddha statue for home Vastu

A coordinated home is a symbol of achievement and satisfaction, and Vastu includes comprehensive guidance on how to make the most of each single inch of home. So according to Vastu, every house has a "Vastu-spirit" or "Vastu Purusha," who is regarded to be the essential avatar guiding and defending the house. This is a wonderful moment for Lord Buddha devotees to extend his messages around their homes and make an impression. A Buddha statue for house can be the perfect place to embrace a way of peacefulness even if someone is not a devotee. Buddhism is among the most beautiful and commonly known religions all over the world, and Lord Buddha is the essence of peace, calmness, and knowledge. Let's glance at some Buddha statues for home vastu recommendations, try and understand how the location of Buddha idols for home decor impacts the life experience for the families.

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Right direction

Vastu Shashtra has established laws for how a Buddha idol must be placed in a home. Vastu suggests placing the statue in the eastern or east- northern. According to the Vastu padas principle, these directions are believed to be the greatest. Combine the statue with different furnishings for an insightful perspective based on how it is placed. According to popular belief, a Buddha statue overcomes life's inconsistencies, and listening to his instructions creates a peaceful, good health. Feng shui concepts from the 10th century are from which the concept of placing a golden laughing Buddha statue in essentially each house originated began. Feng shui Buddha statue arrangement was supported by India's Vastu shastra as well, and it rapidly received prominence as a symbol of fortune and knowledge.

Placement of statue and Buddha posture

The most famous portrayal of the Buddha is the one who is seated. Knowing how a sitting Buddha implies necessitates an understanding of hand gestures. The Buddha holds a highly iconic position in terms of interior decoration and religion; despite his status as a divinity, his believers are not constrained by any specific religion. The following is the most prominent vastu recommendations for placing Buddha statues in different poses in home area.

Buddha in meditation pose

Buddha is sitting in the meditative posture having his crossed legs in the lotus position and the both palms in his lap. Buddha's eyes are usually half or fully closed, and the face conveys calm and serenity. Buddha in concentration, according to Vastu, contributes to the creation of a soothing atmosphere. Meditation Buddha statues placed in the prayer chamber in northeast. Place it ideally wherever rest or take a seat to meditate. The Buddha statue can be utilised in combination with a water element, such as a small water fountain for the residence, because the northeast is also controlled by water energy.

Smiling Buddha

Vastu Shastra practitioners also recommend putting a statue of the smiling Buddha in home because it is a message from Feng Shui. For prosperity, place it to the east. Instead, place it on a table in the corner directly across from or in front of the door to stimulate the energy coming in from the front door and remove any bad energy. Make sure the statue is facing the interior of the room. To bring wealth to the family, position it facing southeast.

Buddha in a reclining position, or in Nirvana

To symbolize the dying Buddha who is laying on his right side and approaching Nirvana. A symbolic of the harmony that people should aspire for in their life is the sleeping Buddha. For calm at home, the resting Buddha should face western side.

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Buddha Touching the Earth

One among Lord Buddha's most well-known postures is portrayed in this statue. This Buddha can be found sitting with his right hand down to the earth and his left hand in his lap. One among Lord Buddha's most well-known postures is portrayed in this statue. Put this form towards the orientation of the east, which symbolizes for timeless wisdom. The core of home is also a wise option as it connects to earth components.

Praying Buddha Statue

A Buddha's folded hands in prayer are a representation of dedication and belief. This Buddha statue is ideal for your altar or pooja area. Around a Buddha who is sitting, a light or lamp can be lighted. This enables the positive energy originating from the idol to coordinate with the fire's energy.

Head of Buddha

The bust or head of Buddha is not a common viewpoint and has nothing to do with the actual circumstances surrounding the lifetime of Gautam Buddha. Instead, it is largely growing in popularity as an art form. In general, people think that the head of Buddha signifies his enlightenment.

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Medicine Buddha statue

The medications People who are looking for health generally prefer Buddha. Including its palm out and fingers pointed down, the statue's right hand is carrying a pot of herbs in its left hand. The Buddha is portrayed as giving a blessing with his right hand. Treatments Buddha is all about producing healing energy that benefits the body, soul, and emotions. There are numerous blue medicine Buddhas, and they frequently have lapis lazuli stones incorporated into them. In order to get blessings of protection from sickness, place it in the living room in a bright area.

Right colour for Buddha idols

According to the vastu it is necessary to choose the right colour of Buddha idols for home. Here is some option, which is best for home.
  • The most common colours selected for the symbol are golden and yellow, which represent for prosperity and riches. The colours that people would prefer the most are golden and yellow.
  • Black-and-white representations of the Laughing Buddha depth perspectives and adaptation
  • Red is associated with flame, which is believed to assist motivate and encourage inspiration, great fortune, and enthusiasm. Furthermore, the colour of the Buddha symbolizes great fortune and a reason for celebration.
  • The green Buddha statue represents growth, harmony, and hope because it is related to the naturally occurring substance.
  • The colour of the Buddha, which may be white or silver, is a reflection of happiness, prosperity, and peace.

DO’s and Don’ts

  • It is fortunate to have the Lord Buddha statue towards the inside of the room.
  • Never keep the statue of the Lord Buddha on the floor directly or in a locker, recommended home Vastu.
  • Position the Buddha or above eye level. Place the statue far from where somebody's feet will be standing.
  • The area around the statue must always be kept fresh. To purify the environment all around statue, use candlelight or incense sticks.
  • The statue can be laid aside on an altar table, marble slab, stone base, tiny mat, or other smooth surface. Place it on a red sheet of paper or material, as red is an associated with security and prosperity in feng shui.

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Preferable material for Big and small sculpture of Buddha

Stone and marble statue are preferable and durable for outdoor and for big size Buddha sculpture stone are used. Marble Buddha Statue are a hand-carved, one-of-a-kind piece of white or black marble that is ideal for any garden, home, or temple in any weather—hot, cold, or rainy. Colour will not dull and it is washable.

Stonemart Buddha statue

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