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Top 10 Fountain Care Tips that Everyone Should Know About

Top 10 Fountain Care Tips that Everyone Should Know About

Fountain care can be a confusing job. Especially when we are not aware about the signs that our water feature displays demanding immediate cleaning. Of course, here our prima facie point of discussion would be the natural stone fountains as they are robust in terms of durability and easier to clean and taken care of.

Whether we are talking in terms of algae that ruins the surface of the fountain or clogging of debris that results in the smell in the fountain water. The appearance and smell would not only spoil the surroundings but also seriously impact the health of the pets who are habitual of drinking water from the fountain.

Here, let us know about the top 10 fountain care and cleanup tips that would keep your natural stone water feature like the new one for the ages. Whether you are buying granite water fountain or sandstone water fountain, these tips will not only help you with the existing fountain but also enable you to act smartly while ordering a new one.

#01. Keep the Pump Clean:

It is one of the most important steps to occasionally clean the pump to keep it free from the debris. Whether we are talking in terms a small tabletop fountain or huge grandessa fountain, it is important to keep the submersible pump clean from pollen, leaves and dirt. In order to clean the pump, unplug it, pull it out and clean it with an old brush or cloth. Keeping the pump clean would keep your fountain in great running condition in a long run. Clean the pump between 1 to 3 months depending upon how hard the fountain water is and how much calcium is getting accumulated in the moving parts.

#2. Clean the Fountain Basin Debris:

We need to keep a check on the fountain debris too. Pick out any sticks, leaves, and other forms of debris that can get accumulated in the base tank and clog the water pump. This is an important measure especially in outdoor fountains like tier fountains, cascading fountains, or step fountains.

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#3. Use Water Treatments:

The timely treatment of water would prevent the growth of algae and other forms of build-up inside the fountain. Use a pH Down product available in the market to drop the pH in your water. It will help reduce the amount of calcium and other minerals build-up in your pump.

#4. Avoid Fountains with Direct Water Connections:

It is the direct water from the untreated source that is the prime culprit of dirt. It also restrains the placement of fountain only around water connection. Pouring water directly to the fountain tank with bucket and keeping the pump running are one of the best natural stone fountain decor products to go for.

#5. Always Maintain the Water Level:

Always ensure that your fountain always has sufficient level of water. If there is not sufficient amount of water in the fountain then it's pump might burn out as it is not submersed anymore. Special care is required in the fountains where the level of water is not clearly visible from the surface, like in case of millstone fountain and sphere fountain. A good thumb rule is to keep water about two inches below the edge of the fountain base. Keep a check on the water level in every couple of days, especially amidst hot summer days.

#6. Clean the Fountain Surface:

In case we are using our exterior fountain as fountain cum birdbath, then it is imperative to emphasize upon cleaning animal and bird waste as well. In case of a granite fountain, we can clean the fountain with the help of a diluted solution of Muratic Acid.

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#7: Run the Fountain Pump as much as Possible:

The continuous running of the fountain pump will keep the water in running condition. It reduces the chances of any build up. There is an exclusive series of international fountain products available at Stonemart™ India in which you can even run the fountain pump 24/7. We just needed to make sure that the water is always being kept at prescribed level.

#8. Avoid the Use of Harsh Cleansers:

It is not like natural stone water features such as sandstone water features and granite water features could get damaged on the surface, the constant use of cleansers like concentrated chlorine bleach could turns out to be corrosive to the pump installed inside the water feature.

#9. Inspect the Mechanical Parts (if there are any):

We do not face the problem of mechanical parts by buying fountains made from natural stone as most of them carry none. But it can turn out to be a serious problem in the fountains made from other materials. In case there are mechanical parts then do inspect and clean them frequently with the help of a brush or a cloth.

#10. Keep a Check on Power Supply Regularly:

Do not stretch the power cable more than its actual length. Also regularly check for any cracks in the cord to make sure that there is correct supply of power to keep your foundation running in a healthy manner.

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We fully hope that top 10 fountain care and cleanup ideas that were discussed above would be worth your time. As these tips and ideas have been shared by the experts, it is well assured that following them will keep your fountains in a great condition for not just years but ages to come.

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