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Naturally Purify the Air You Breathe with Indoor Water Fountain at Home

Naturally Purify the Air You Breathe with Indoor Water Fountain at Home

Day in, day out, after combating an unbreathable, pollutant-filled atmosphere outside, we reach back to our loved ones at the end of the day. We believe that we have reached the safest place on the planet- Our Home. But is it as safe as we really think it is? Are we placing the lives of our beloved ones including our children in harm’s way? What if we say that there are invisible enemies inside our very home waiting to strike 24 by 7?  

Does the Air We and Our Children Breathe at Home 100% Safe?

Well, a straightforward answer is NO! It is not hard for us to deduce the fact that the air inside our house is not as polluted as the air outside. Still, there are particles in the air that we breathe at home include dust as well as germs and other organisms resulted due to sneezes and coughs. Now imagine how dangerous these microbes and contaminated particles can actually be; especially to the family members who are the most vulnerable? Yes, we are talking about our loved ones with weaker immunity system, including children and grand parents. 

Not exaggerating, but there are pollutants and micro-organisms that can even result in deadly diseases like asthma, pneumonia, allergic reactions, low birth weight to even cause cancer and heart diseases in a long run. 

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Is it Really Difficult to Deal with the Elephant in the Room? 

Now, before you rush to open your shopping app to order an air purifier or an air quality testing is pivotal to note that the true solution lies with the Nature itself. One of the best ways to keep the air inside the house clean and purified is installing indoor water fountains

Do water fountains help in the removal of toxins from the atmosphere? Yes, it is possible! The presence of water features would help in improving the aesthetics as well as refreshing the mood, but they also function as natural humidifiers. Now, there is no need for you to go for loud artificial humidifiers with a buzzing or motor noise. Your indoor fountain can naturally add moisture to the air while also offering a calming landscape decor

If you have indoor plants, then the presence of water fountains for interiors offers additional humidity lost due to heat or operation of air conditioning systems. It is interesting to know that airborne pollutants are trapped as well as brought down by the water molecules of the water in the fountains. It prevents the dust particles and germs from dispersing throughout your home. The water fountains release negative ions that actively removes pollutants from the air it circulates with the water molecules.

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Make a Smarter Choice for your Children 

Yes, you can install ionic air purifier to clean the air in your house but they will never offer you the same décor and aesthetic appeal that water fountains can offer. Breathing clean air indoors helps with your overall physiology, as well as the ability to focus and think effectively. Especially for children in our home, natural stone water fountains are a must have addition. Breathing clean air inside the home helps in the cognitive development of their brain. Children growing up in the cleaner air develop greater lung function as they come of age. So, it is highly recommended to enhance the quality of air by installing a water fountain indoor. Visit Stonemart™ to insure the health and future of everyone in your family with cleaner air which each one of them utterly deserves!